QuickJack 7000TLX Mobile Car Lift W/ Adapters


The QuickJack 7000TLX is made to lift vehicles up to 7000 pounds. For vehicles with higher ground clearance, we include a truck & suv adapter set that increases the lift height. We include a full step-by-step guide on how to setup and operate the QuickJack with every order. Setup and operation is very simple, which makes them much safer and faster than jackstands. The lift provides up to 28 inches of lifting height on the lowest blocks and makes working on any vehicle much easier. This lift runs on 110V AC power. We provide everything you need including a 50-foot extension cord rated for the lift. If you are planning on using the lift in an area where there are no electrical outlets, we offer rentals on our 110V generator.

PLEASE NOTE: The 7000TLX model will only fit under vehicles with wheelbases OVER 100 INCHES. Verify the wheelbase of your vehicle online before you place your reservation.

If you have any questions regarding product details or rental reservations, please contact us by phone or email.